Confidential base of the Third Reich in Antarctica


Vitaly SHELEPOV, the colonel, Cand.Tech.Sci.


About development of the third Reich in the field of "UFOs" today it is known. However questions in the course of time does not become less. How much Germans have succeeded in it? Who helped them? Whether works have been curtailed after war or have proceeded in other, secret areas of globe? How much there correspond to the validity hearings what nazis had contact to extraterrestrial civilizations?


Strangely enough, but answers to these questions it is necessary to search in the remote past. Researchers of secret history of the third Reich today know about its mystical roots and those secret forces which authorities have led already much and directed Hitler's activity. The base of ideology of fascism has been incorporated by confidential societies long before occurrence of the nazi state, but active force this outlook became after defeat of Germany in the First world war. In 1918 the circle of persons, already had an operational experience in the international secret societies, in Munich had been based branch of the Teutonic knightly award - a society "Tula" (under the name of the legendary Arctic country - cradles of mankind). Its official purpose - studying drevnegermanskoj cultures, but true problems were much deeper.

Theorists of fascism have found a nominee suitable for the purposes - ambitious, having mystical experience and besides corporal Adolf Hitler dependent on drugs and have inspired it idea of world supremacy of the German nation. In the end of 1918 young occultist Hitler has been accepted in a society "Tula" and quickly became one of its most active members. And soon ideas of theorists "Tula" have found reflection in its book " My struggle ".

Emblem of Orden "Thule"

Roughly speaking, the society "Tula" solved problems of reduction domination of German race in visible - material - the world. But " the one who sees only political movement in national socialism, a little that knows about it ". These words belong to Hitler. The matter is that occult owners "Tula" had also other, not less important purpose - to win and in the world invisible, metaphysical, so to say, "potustoronnem". With this purpose in Germany more closed structures were created. So, in 1919 " the Box of Light " (subsequently "Vril" - under the old indian name of space energy of a life) has been based secret. Later, in 1933, - an elite mystical award "Anenerbe" (Ahnenerbe - " the Heritage of ancestors ") which since 1939 under Himmler's initiative became the main research structure within the limits of SS. Having in the submission of fifty research institutes, the society "Anenerbe" was engaged in search of the ancient knowledge, allowing to develop the newest technologies, to operate by means of magic methods human consciousness, to spend genetic manipulations with a view of creation of "superperson". - under action galljutsinogennyh drugs, nonconventional methods of noegenesis Practised a condition of a trance or contact to the Maximum Unknown persons, or as them named, " Minds External " also. Were used and found by means of "Anenerbe" ancient occult "keys" (formulas, spells, etc.), allowed to come into contact with "Another's". For " sessions with gods " the most skilled mediums and contactors (Maria Otte, etc.) were involved. For cleanliness of results experiments were spent independently in societies "Tula" and "Vril". Approve, that some occult "keys" have worked and on independent "channels" almost identical information of technogenic character has been received. In particular, drawings and descriptions of " flying disks ", under the characteristics much surpassed aviation technics of that time. Other problem which was put before scientists and, on hearings, has been partially solved, - creation of " the machine of time ", allowing to get into depth of history and to receive knowledge of ancient high civilizations, in particular, data on the magic methods Atlantidy, a considered ancestral home of aryan race. Especial interest for nazi scientists was represented with technical knowledge atlantov, helped, on a legend, to build huge sea vessels and the air ships movable by unknown force.

Fragment of the document describing principles of action tehnomagicheskih of devices (from archive Anenerbe)

The figures explaining principles "zakrutki" of thin physical fields are found In archives of the third Reich, allowing to create certain tehnomagicheskie devices. The received knowledge were transferred leading scientists for their "translation" on clear to designers engineering language.

One of developers tehnomagicheskih devices the well-known scientific Dr. V.O.Shuma is considered. If to trust certificates its electrodynamic machines used fast rotation, not only changed around of themselves structure of time, but also soared in air. (today scientists already know, that quickly rotating objects change around of themselves not only a gravitational field, but also existential characteristics. So anything fantastic that by development " machines of time " nazi scientists have received effect of antigravitation, no. An Another matter, these processes were how much operated.) there Are data, that the device with such opportunities was sent under Munich, to Augsburg where its researches have continued. As a result technical division SS1 has created a series of " flying disks " type "Vril".

Following generation of "UFOs" was a series "Haunebu". In these devices as it is considered, some ideas and technologies ancient indijtsev, and also Victor Shaubergera's engines - the most outstanding scientist in the field of the movement of the liquids which have created something similar "perpetuum mobile" are used. There are data on development in IV developmental center SS, submitted to a society " the Black sun ", especially confidential "UFO" "Oiiaao-2" (Haunebu-II). In the book " German UFOs " O.Bergmann results its some characteristics. Diameter of 26,3 meters. The engine: " To Tula "-oaoeiiaoi? 70, diameter 23,1 meters. Management: the pulse generator of a magnetic field 4a. Speed: 6000 km/hours (settlement - 21000 km/hours). Duration of flight: 55 hours and above. Fitness to flights in a space - 100 percent. Crew nine person, with passengers - twenty person. The planned batch production: the end of 1943 - the beginning of 1944.

The Destiny of this development is unknown, however American researcher Vladimir Terzijski (V.Terzicki) informs, that the further development of this series became device Haunebu-III intended for struggle from air with sea squadrons. Diameter of "plate" made 76 meters, height of 30 meters. On it four cannon towers have been established, in each of which is mounted on three instruments of calibre of 27 sm from a cruiser "Mejzenau". Terzijski approves: in March, 1945 this "plate" has made one turn around of the Earth and has landed in Japan where onboard guns have replaced with nine Japanese instruments of calibre of 45 sm from a cruiser "JAmato" (not a cruiser, and superlinkora, these are two greater differences - a comment red). In movement "plate" resulted " the engine on free energy, which... Used practically inexhaustible energy of gravitation ".

In the end of 50th years Australians have found out among trophy films documentary German film-report about the research project of a flying disk "Oao-7" about which till that time of anything it was known not. In what degree this project realized, it is not clear yet, but it is authentically known, that to the well-known expert on "special actions" _ Otto Skortseni _a to the middle of war have charged to create group of pilots in 250 person for management of "UFOs" and piloted rockets.

Anything improbable is not present and in messages on gravitational engines. Today to the scientists working in the field of alternative energy sources, Hans Kolera's transforming energy of gravitation in electric the so-called converter is known. There are data, that these converters were used in so-called tahionatorah (elektromagnitogravitatsionnyh engines) "Tula" and "Andromeda", made in Germany in 1942-1945 at factories "Siemens" and "AEG". It is underlined, that the same converters were applied as energy sources not only on " flying disks ", but also on any huge (5000-ton) submarines and on underground bases.

Results have been received by scientists "Anenerbe" and in other nonconventional fields of knowledge: in psihotronike, parapsychology, in use "thin" energy for management of individual and mass consciousness, etc. It is considered, that the trophy documents, concerning metaphysical development of the third Reich, have given a new push to similar works to the USA and the USSR, till that time underestimated similar researches or curtailed them. Because of extreme closeness of the information on results of activity of German secret societies today it is difficult to separate the facts from hearings and legends. However that improbable mental transformation which in schitannye years has occured to the cautious and rational German inhabitants who have turned suddenly in obedient crowd, fanatically believed in crazy ideas about the exclusiveness and world supremacy, sets thinking...

In searches of the most ancient magic knowledge "Anenerbe" organized expeditions to the most remote corners of globe: to Tibet, South America, Antarctica... Last paid special attention.

This territory and today is full of secrets and riddles. Most likely, we should still more many unexpected, including about what knew ancient. Officially Antarctica has been opened F.F.Bellinsgauzena and M.P.Lazareva's by Russian expedition per 1820. However tireless archivists have found out ancient cards from which follows, that about Antarctica knew long before this historical event. One of the cards, made in 1513 turkish admiral Piri Flight, have found out in 1929. Others have emerged also: French geographer Orontsiusa Fineusa from 1532, Phillip Buashe, datirovannaja 1737. Falsifications? We shall not hurry up...

Phillip Buashe's made for 83 years prior to official opening of Antarctica the card

On all these cards outlines of Antarctica are very precisely represented, but... Without an ice cover. Moreover, on card Buashe the passage dividing continent on two parts is perfectly visible. And its presence under thickness of an ice is established by the newest methods only last decades. We shall add, that the international expeditions checked card Piri of Flight, have found out - it more precisely the cards made in XX a century. Seismic investigation has confirmed what nobody guessed: some mountains of Queen Maud land which are considered till now by a part of a uniform file, have appeared actually islands as it and has been specified on an ancient card. So about falsification of speech, most likely, does not go. But whence such data at the people lived for some centuries before opening of Antarctica?

And Flight, and Buashe approved, that at drawing up of cards used ancient greek originals. After detection of cards the most different hypotheses about their origin were put forward. The majority of them are reduced to that initial cards are made by any high civilization existed in days of when coast of Antarctica have not been covered yet by an ice, that is up to global cataclysm. The opinion, that Antarctica - was Atlantida expressed. One of arguments: the sizes of this legendary country (30000 h 20000 stages on Platon, 1 stages - 185 meters) approximately correspond to the sizes of Antarctica.

Naturally, scientists "Anenerbe" which all over the world ransacked in searches of traces of the Atlantic civilization, could not pass by this hypothesis. As it was perfectly coordinated with their philosophy approved, in particular, that on poles of a planet there are inputs in huge cavities inside of the Earth. And Antarctica became one of overall objectives of nazi scientists.

Interest which was shown by heads of Germany before the Second world war to this far and lifeless area of globe, then did not find a reasonable explanation. And meanwhile the attention to Antarctica was exclusive. In 1938-1939 Germans had been organized two Antarctic expeditions in which pilots "ljuftvaffe" not simply surveyed, but also metal pendants with a sign on a swastika have staked out behind the third Reich huge (size about Germany) territory of this continent - Queen Maud land (soon it has received the name " New Swabia "). The commander who has come back Hamburg of expedition Ritsher on April, 12th, 1939 reported: " I have executed the mission assigned to me by marshal Goering. For the first time the German planes have flown by above the Antarctic continent. Everyone of 25 kilometers our planes dumped pendants. We have covered a zone approximately in 600 thousand square kilometers. From them 350 thousand have been photographed ".

Emblem of German Antarctic expedition

Goering's Air experts have made the business. The turn has come to operate to "old salts" of " Fuhrer of submarines " admiral Charles Dyonitsa (1891-1981). And to coast of Antarctica skrytno submarines have directed. The known writer and the historian of M. Demidenko informs, that, assorting superconfidential archives SS, it has found out the documents specifying that the squadron of submarines during expedition to Queen Maud land has found the whole system of the caves connected among themselves with warm air. " My submariners have found out the present earthly paradise ", - has dropped then Dyonits. And in 1943 from its lips other mysterious phrase has sounded also: " the German underwater fleet is proud of that on other doomsday has created for Fuhrer a unapproachable fortress ".


It appears, within five years Germans spent carefully hidden work on creation in Antarctica nazi confidential base under the code name " Base 211 ". Anyway, it declares a lot of independent researchers. Under indications of eyewitnesses, already from the beginning of 1939 between Antarctica and Germany have begun regular (time in three months) flights of research vessel " Swabia ". Bergman in the book approves " German UFOs ", that from this year and within several years to Antarctica gornoprohodcheskoe the equipment and other technics, including rail roads, trolleys and huge mills for prohodki tunnels constantly sent. Most likely, were used for delivery of cargoes and submarines. And not only usual.

Retired American colonel Uindel Stevens (Wendelle C. Stevens) informs: " to Our investigation where I worked in the end of war, it was known, what Germans build eight very much greater cargo submarines (whether on them converters Kolera have been established? - V.SH.) and all of them have been floated, completed and further have completely disappeared. About this day we have no concept where they send away. They not on ocean day, and are not present them in one port about which we know. It is a riddle, but it can be opened owing to this Australian documentary film (we mentioned it above. - V.SH.) in which greater German cargo submarines in Antarctic are shown, around of them ices, crews cost on decks pending stops at a mooring ".

By the end of war, Stevens approves, for Germans was available nine research enterprises for which tested projects of " flying disks ". " Eight of these enterprises together with scientific and key figures have been successfully evacuated from Germany. The ninth construction is blown up... We have the classified information, that some of these research enterprises are transported in a place under the name " New Swabia "... Today it can be already decent sizes a complex. Perhaps, there there are these greater cargo submarines. We believe, that to Antarctic one has been transported at least (or more) the enterprise on development of disks. We have an information that one has been evacuated in area of Amazon, and another - on northern coast of Norway, where a lot of the German population. They have been evacuated in confidential underground constructions... "

Known researchers of the Antarctic secrets of the third Reich of R.Vesko, Century Terzijski, approve D.Chajldress, that since 1942 by means of submarines on South Pole thousand prisoners of concentration camps (labour), and also visible scientists, pilots and politicians with families and members gitlerjugenda - a genofund of the future "pure" race have been thrown.

Hajnts Sheffer onboard submarine U-977

Except for mysterious huge submarines for these purposes it was used not less than hundred serial submarines of a class "U", including superconfidential connection " the Escort of Fuhrer " which structure included 35 submarines. Right at the end of war in Kiel from these elite submarines have removed all military equipment and have shipped containers with any valuable cargo. Submarines have taken aboard also any mysterious passengers and a plenty of the foodstuffs. It is authentically known about destiny only two boats from this escort. One of them, "U-530", under command 25-years Otto Vermauta on April, 13th, 1945 has left Kiel and has delivered to Antarctica relics of the third Reich and Hitler's personal things, and also passengers which persons hid surgical bandages. Another, "U-977", under command Hajntsa SHeffera hardly later has repeated this route but as whom it transported, it is not known.

Both these submarines in the summer of 1945 (on July, 10th and on August, 17th accordingly) have arrived to the Argentina port Mar del Plata and have surrendered to authorities. Most likely, indications, which distances submariners on interrogations, have extremely excited Americans, and in the end of 1946 the known researcher of Antarctic the American admiral Richard E. Berd (Byrd) has received the order to destroy nazi base in " New Swabia "

















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